Reflection 7th Grade

When I first arrived in August I expected to have tons of homework and hard football practices. Soon I realized that the amount of homework wasn’t very bad especially when I focused and did most of it in wildcat time. By October I was getting used to school, and I was completing most of my work.

In seventh grade I learned about body systems in science, expository writing in English, and pre algebra in math. As the year comes to a close I’m trying to finish strong. If I had to do it all over again I would check my study habits every night. The new 7th graders should always check them to make sure they remember all their homework.

Fishing Trip

Last weekend I went on a trip to Port O’Conner with a friend named Aaron. It was my first time going there and I was a little Aaron had an uncle who lives there. His uncle was named Michael and he was basically a pro fisherman. He designs rods for academy, and he’s big into fishing. We left for Port O’Conner after school on Friday. We didn’t get there until ten o’clock and we didn’t waste any time. We started fishing immediately. I caught a catfish, and in an attempt to hold it down with my foot one of its spines spiked me. IT HURT. That’s when I decided to go back to the cabin beside the house until the morning.

We got up early the next morning to go fishing on Michael’s boat. We were fishing on the boat for five hours. I was really tired after so I rested. After that we fished on the pier until dinner. At dinner we ate the fish we caught. Then we went to bed. In the morning we were ready to go home. When I got home I was tired of fishing. But it was still a great time.

My Poem

I like this poem because it’s what I fell like during the school week. It’s by Mark R Slaughter

Work, sleep, work, sleep,
Work, sleep, work, sleep,
Work, sleep, work, sleep,

Work, sleep, work, sleep,
Work, sleep, work, sleep,
Work, sleep, work, sleep,

Oh free me please with gentle ease
From work, sleep, work, sleep, work!
This odium, pounding tedium
Of my work, sleep, work, sleep, work.

Just whisk me off to lands afar
From work, sleep, work, sleep, work –
That grinding train of rhythmic pain
Called ‘Work, sleep, work, sleep, work.’

Poor neural circuits fizzle and pop
In work, sleep, work, sleep, work,
In trying to make some sense of all this
Work, sleep, work, sleep, work.

But Hark! I see a golden gleam – A saving spirit of hope:
‘You’re fired! ’ He screams. What news to bear,
This wondrous hangman’s rope!

So now I’m free, released from all this
Work, sleep, work, sleep, work –
Eternal peace and rest for me, no work, sleep, work, sleep.


When I was little I would always ask my dad for hot wheels at the grocery store. I was bored so he would sometimes buy them as an incentive to keep me from being annoying. I would sit there with them and stage mini races. or I would push them around in pointless circles.Without them I’d be very grumpy at the store, throwing a fit like spoiled little toddlers do. They saved me and my dad a lot of grief at the store. And they gave me good memories of always wanting the next car.

Blogging Challenge

Austin is one of the best cities out there. There’s lots to do here for all different kinds of people. if you like music there’s ACL one of the biggest music festivals in the country. If you like sports there’s the the Texas Longhorns one of the premier teams in college athletics. You can go paddleboarding on town lake. Or go hang out in Zilker Park. There’s good food too including barbecue and tex mex. Austin overall is a very interesting and fun city.

Why Wrestling is Hard

I felt like I was going to die. My muscles were burning. This is how hard a match is.
First of all the match takes extreme stamina. It’s only three minutes long but it’s very strenuous. In my first match I felt like I was going to barf at the beginning of the third period. It’s something you don’t know about until you actually do a match.
Not only does it take stamina it also takes strength. Your opponent is doing all they can to overpower you and Wow it’s hard. The matches make you either push harder than your opponent or lose. When you wrestle it makes everything in life seem easier.

Texting is Harmful

” I didn’t see her in the road” the man pleaded.” Were you texting?” the police officer asked.”noooo” the man said guiltily. ” ha you were texting time to go to jail” the cop giggled with a wicked grin on his face. ” you know texting is harmful!” The cop shouted.

To begin with texting while walking could kill you if you walked into the road. I’ve heard many stories of people getting killed while walk texting. It’s sad because many good people have died for a text. Just wait until you cross the dang road!

Another reason texting can be harmful is you could crash when driving. It’s very dangerous because a car can kill many people easily. Wouldn’t that make you feel horrible if you ran somebody over and killed them. You would think about it every day.that might be worse than walking into the road. It’s not hard to wait until you are off the road. It could save a life. Just remember texting can be dangerous if handled wrong just like many other things in life.

UPS man

I hear my dogs bellowing bark. I leap out of my seat my heart pounding in my chest. I hear the gate creep open. Relief floods through my body as I realize it’s only the UPS man.

My First Wrestling Tournament

I couldn’t wait for this tournament. I’d been practicing since November and I was excited to actually compete.I got there at about 9;30 for weigh ins. I was wrestling in the 100-110 pound weight class in the rookie division. I thought my match would start around 12;30, but it ended up starting at 2;00. I was so bored then, all I could do was pace around the gym, and occasionally cheer for teammates. My first match was match 86, and at match 76 I went to warm up. Then I walked over to the mat where I was wrestling. It was only a few minutes until my match started.Then my number came up on the screen
The match was about to start.
This is when the nerves really started to kick in. I looked around and saw my brother. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of him. But I couldn’t let all these distractions get to my head I had to focus. Finally my opponent walked on to the mat we shook hands and the match started. I shot in, grabbed his leg and took him down. Next I put him in a half nelson. Rolled him over. And pinned him. I came out of that match elated. I didn’t expect that in my first match. Unfortunately my next to matches didn’t go too well I was wrestling two kids I don’t think were rookies and they beat me. I was just glad to go home after 10 hours in that gym in Round Rock.

My Favorite Sport

Recently I’ve started wrestling. One of the oldest and greatest sports ever. I like the sport because I can win in it. You don’t have to be six foot six 220 pounds to succeed. You just have to be able to work hard. There’s no excuses when you lose it’s just you and the other wrestler. If you lose you can’t blame a teammate it’s on you. I had my first match about two weeks ago, and I can tell you those matches take an extreme amount of energy. By the time the last period came I was so exhausted it was unbelievable. I’m glad I won though, because I wanted to start my career on a positive note. My goal is to wrestle for Oklahoma State, one of the best programs in the country. I still have a lot of work ahead of me.