My First Wrestling Tournament

I couldn’t wait for this tournament. I’d been practicing since November and I was excited to actually compete.I got there at about 9;30 for weigh ins. I was wrestling in the 100-110 pound weight class in the rookie division. I thought my match would start around 12;30, but it ended up starting at 2;00. I was so bored then, all I could do was pace around the gym, and occasionally cheer for teammates. My first match was match 86, and at match 76 I went to warm up. Then I walked over to the mat where I was wrestling. It was only a few minutes until my match started.Then my number came up on the screen
The match was about to start.
This is when the nerves really started to kick in. I looked around and saw my brother. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of him. But I couldn’t let all these distractions get to my head I had to focus. Finally my opponent walked on to the mat we shook hands and the match started. I shot in, grabbed his leg and took him down. Next I put him in a half nelson. Rolled him over. And pinned him. I came out of that match elated. I didn’t expect that in my first match. Unfortunately my next to matches didn’t go too well I was wrestling two kids I don’t think were rookies and they beat me. I was just glad to go home after 10 hours in that gym in Round Rock.

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