I went up to Michigan this summer to see my grandfather. I do this every year , and in the past couple of years I have seen some signs that were advertising sailing. I was curious to see what it would be like to sail so I decided to try it this year. It turned out to be an awesome decision it was so fun. I was a bit nervous about it at first when I got to the yacht club on White Lake because I didn’t know anybody. Then, when I got on the boat all those feelings went away I became friends with the kids on the boat who were my fellow crew mates. The instructors were nice too, One time there was a ton of wind my boat caught that wind and we were propelled to a super speed. It was the ultimate adrenaline rush it only got more fun when we flipped it took us a while do get back to the dock, but when we did I couldn’t wait till the next day of sailing.

Lady Washington
Photo Credit: Don McCullough via Compfight

8 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. “It was the ultimate adrenaline rush…” That’s an amazing line! Reminds me of a Corpus Christi trip I took, when we rode around a speed boats all day.

  2. I have never done sailing but have dreamed of doing it and after reading you post I think that I might just do it to feel that adrenalin rush.

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